Thanks, Archie!

Some people. If a man does a job of work, what harm can it do to thank him? But some people would begrudge even that minor courtesy it seems.

I refer, of course, to the Gogango Divisional Board, who held their usual monthly meeting on 1 September 1896. I quote from the report of their meeting in the following Saturday’s edition of The Capricornian:

Mr A J Richardson wrote informing the Board that he had placed a finger board “To the township of Herbert” on the road from Rockhampton to Balnagowan Station at the place where the road to the township of Herbert turned off, and he had also blazed a line of trees from that place to Thompson’s or Deadman’s Point, from whence people riding or driving to Herbert simply had to follow the bank of the river downwards. He suggested that this information be made public. Later on he would survey that part of the branch road which passed through the reserve at Thompson’s Point, but for the present the blazed line would sufficiently meet the wants of the public. He believed he had acted according to the desire of the Board.

THE CHAIRMAN: Mr Richardson had instructions to re-survey that road and he has marked the trees for the present. He wishes to let the public know of this and they will be informed through the press.

MR BEAK: It is very satisfactory.

THE CHAIRMAN: Yes, it is very useful. Contracts have been let for several buildings down there and they could not get the material there. …

MR BEAK: I think we ought to accord a vote of thanks to Mr Richardson.

MR CARPENTER [Boo!]: What’s that? He has to do it. It is part of his professional business.

MR BEAK: It is very satisfactory at all events.

THE CHAIRMAN: Will you move that a vote of thanks be accorded to Mr Richardson for his action?


MR BOYER seconded the motion, and it was carried.

Well done Beak, well done Boyer. And as for you, Carpenter, I’d advise you not to cross my path, or I shall have a few words to say to you about your petty and small-minded behaviour!


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