Francis George Fisher, originally from the Isle of Wight, travelled to Australia in the 1890s and formed a business partnership with Archibald Richardson. In 1893 Frank married Archibald’s daughter Mary Lucy “Lala” Richardson.

Frank and Lala had two children in the 1890s, one of whom, D’Arcy, died in the flu epidemic that followed the First World War. The other, Francis William Fisher, lived on in England into the 1980s. In a move clearly intended to throw genealogists into a state of panic and confusion, he married the sister of his uncle’s wife (i.e. Helena Norah Duncan, sister of my grandmother, Edith Duncan). He was therefore my grandfather’s nephew and his brother in law – and he was my mother’s uncle as well as her cousin.

Frank Philip Fisher¬†was a radio operator in the UK’s Merchant Navy during the second world war. He died when his ship was torpedoed in March 1943. Read about him here.

There are a few Fisher-related pictures here and here.

Frank and Lala’s marriage announcement