Family history research notes

I’m setting up this site to post occasional pieces of information I uncover about my relatives in the course of sporadic and unsystematic research.

These posts will be divided into categories relating to each of the family names in my family tree that I know about or have any information about. There will definitely be sections for Richardson, Duncan, D’Arcy, Fisher, Kemp, Joslin, and Sarl. In due course there may be sections on Couper, Riley, Wood, Clark, Osborn and others.

Mostly my ancestors and (historical) relatives have been pretty stolid and respectable. Yeah, right. In fact most of them were a bunch of ne’er-do-wells, shysters, chancers, idlers, actors, peapickers, vagabonds and lunatics. Much more interesting. I hope they’re not reading this though.

5 thoughts on “Family history research notes”

  1. Dear Rob.,
    i have posted some comments in yor( and jerry’s photo album that may be of interest to you – hope you like the story . J.F.

  2. Dear John,

    Fantastic to hear from you but your comments have not appeared – could you please try again? You need to be sure to enter the “Captcha” string just above the comment box.


  3. Dear Rob , would you kindly post me tha address of your site so that I can amend or see some details and let you know about them ? Ta , John

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