De Schakel – The Link

Front cover of The Link magazine
The Link

The first and only issue of The Link, ‘a journal for the twin towns of Maldon and Cuijk’, edited by Will Kemp in 1972.

By today’s standards this is not a sophisticated publication, but the pages were bashed out on an electric typewriter and taken to a printers in Witham that was capable of handling the half-tone imagery (of which there is not much!), making this an early instance of desktop publishing – sort of.

Click on the link (get it?!) to view the full publication as a PDF.

The Link

One thought on “De Schakel – The Link”

  1. Credit for that magazine should go almost entirely to my father, John Kemp, who thought up the idea (mainly to divert me from publishing free radio magazines) and typeset most (or, more likely, all) of it – and also wrote the editorial (in my name). I was its editor in name only.

    The quote from the poem “The Battle of Maldon” on the editorial page is particularly apt. It ends “God alone knows how things will turn out.” God is not alone any more, we know how things turned out – both for the battle and the magazine – and neither of them could be described as a success.

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