Theresa Ryall’s Pictures

Pictures from an old photo album that belonged to Theresa Elizabeth Ryall (1867-1940)

Theresa Ryall's Album

These were almost all cartes de visite. A number of them depict famous people of the time (and earlier). Some of them are probably relatives of Theresa’s, and even Theresa herself perhaps, but these are as yet unidentified. Some of the famous people are identifiable, but some pictures could be either of a famous person or a relative or friend. Suggestions that help clarify who’s who would be very welcome – please use the comment field.

Many appear to date from the 1860s (a picture of Thackeray could have been produced around 1860-1862), so may have been collected by other people before Theresa put them in her album.

With one exception, the scanned photos are accompanied by scans of the back of the card. The exception is the first picture, which was a later photo left loose inside the front cover. There’s nothing on the back.

The album is in the possession of Marie Wilcox, who has kindly allowed the pictures to be reproduced here.

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