CK65, Rosina, belonging to Jim Lawrence

CK65, Rosina, belonging to Jim Lawrence

4 thoughts on “CK65, Rosina, belonging to Jim Lawrence”

  1. Bob Kemp writes: “Dad and I were looking after her – much pumping, I recall. From Jim I learnt never to get flustered in any situation.”

  2. met jim and pauline at saltcote creek.i helped caulk some planks. met jim again 54 years later last year at maldon barge talks 2016, great night.

  3. It’s possibly worth pointing out, for future reference, that this is at Millbeach – close to what is now a set of steps, not far from the Saltcote sailing club.

  4. Many thanks, Will: all additional information is welcome! Sadly, Rosena (the correct spelling) was cut up in 2017. She was 128 years old.

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