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  1. As I am now retired to pass the time I make model sailing boats. I received a hull last year so I put it to good use by turning it into Polly MN12. I crewed her when she was owned by Ian Edmonds in the 1960,s a local school teacher. As a teenager then it was great time to spend under sail to full fill a family tradition, lost in time.We often stayed at his old work house in Maldon to catch the morning tide to sail to Harwich then on to Pinmill and crossing the estuary to the Medway. All this after winning the Smack race at Britlingsea Regata. The model I have made I have to thank google and added a topsail as she might have looked in 1889. I was so pleased to see that she has been restored to her former glory as I heard that she had been sunk/beached and left to rot. If you would like to see some photos ,I will be pleased to send you some copies of Polly and other boats I have made.

    Many Thanks Dave Tomlinson

    1. Very pleased to hear from you, thanks for your most interesting comment. I would very much like to see some pictures. I’ll get in touch via email.

      1. Hi Amanda. I would to send some photos for you to look at ASAP.I will try and get toMaldon / Brightlingsea in the new year so prehaps we can meet up so you can see the real thing
        Wishing you all the best for the New Year Dave

  2. HI AMANDA Did you receive the photos i sent you last year. Please let me know what you think of my efforts

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