One thought on “Puffin Saltash 1977”

  1. We rerigged ‘Puffin’ as a little cutter while she was still at Mill Beach. The mainsail was made by Mr. Taylor in Maldon for, I believe, £20. I still have it and the gaff, plus her oars, which might be looking for a new home. A pity about the jib halliard wrapped around the forestay! This picture was taken after a tremendous autumn gale, which shook the house – we half expected to find her damaged, but apart from a lot of rain water in the bilge, she was fine. I was told that the diamond badge on the bow indicated that she had been attached to a Capital ship, but to which one I’ve no idea. ‘Puffin’ was sold because the family was expecting a new member, so we felt a boat with a lid was needed.

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