One thought on “Heybridge foreshore”

  1. This picture is actually a postcard; it’s hard to date, but is after 1958. You can see the elm trees on Osea Island and there doesn’t appear to be anything happening at Bradwell. (it might be hazy, of course.) The barge is ‘Mamgu’, originally ‘Cawana’, built at Rochester in 1904 as a yacht-barge. She was 96′ overall length, had a beam of 22′ 6″ and was of 162 tons Thames Measurement. She was brought to Heybridge as headquarters of the Marconi Sailing Club in 1958. In 1963, she was sold to West Ham Education Authority for use as an outdoor activities centre. I seem to remember her lying alongside the sea wall, but don’t know what happened to her later.

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