One thought on “Virtue Fidelis”

  1. Thanks to the Stebbings archive for this. The only change that I can seen here is that the navigation light boards have gone and there’s now a nav. light on the pulpit. The forehatch is flush-fitting and leaks – there are copper drain tubes from the hatchway through the quarter-round between the raised deck and the cabin side; in an attempt to cure the leaks into the focsl, I poked a wire through the tubes and out came wood shavings. I wonder if they’ve been there since 1953? It still leaks in the rain and has a cover. The mast is original and the fittings are as good as new. As far as I can tell, the canvas deck covering is also original, which I believe is unusual. Mr. Stebbings must have had an extremely good way of gluing it down.

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