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  1. ‘Beatrice Maud’ arrived at Boating World, on the River Lynher, not far from Saltash, about 15 years ago. She had been at Morwellham Quay on the River Tamar, for some years. She gradually deteriorated, was abandoned, but then taken on by somebody who intended to rebuild her. this didn’t happen. Since then, her gear has gone and she’s been dismantled: there’s very little left now, apart from the stern frame and bottom.

  2. I was researching this vessel after it was stated to have been wrecked in Corblets Bay, Alderney in the Channel Islands on the 8th of May 1923 in a thunder storm. It would of been a shame if she had been lost in 1923 as she went on for many more years and had a very colourful history including being one of the little boats of Dunkirk which was reported to have saved 260 French soldiers from the beaches during WW2. A very sad picture of her but still a fasinating adventure researching her, thanks for posting her final chapter. Kind Regards John Paul Fallaize Guernsey.

  3. Many thanks for your comments, John Paul. Perhaps in different circumstances, she could have been saved, but the costs involved with restoring a barge are huge.

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